This integation pack is based off of the latest version of the VMWare CMDLets ( and the source code is available in the source code area. I have not had a chance to test all of the functionality so any feedback is appreciated. There is no documentation for the IP yet, but each object corresponds to a CMDLet from VMWare so you can see their documentation for a reference for now.


  1. Get Cluster
  2. Get Datastore
  3. Get Hard Disk
  4. Get Network Adapter
  5. Get Resource Pool
  6. Get Snapshot
  7. Get VM
  8. Get VM Host
  9. Invoke VM Script
  10. Move VM
  11. New Hard Disk
  12. New Network Adapter
  13. New Snapshot
  14. New VM
  15. Remove Hard Disk
  16. Remove Network Adapter
  17. Remove Snapshot
  18. Remove VM
  19. Set Hard Disk
  20. Set Network Adapter
  21. Set Snapshot
  22. Set VM
  23. Start VM
  24. Stop VM
  25. Suspend VM

I am also taking feature requests.

Other Integration Packs I have Authored

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